Four Elements of a Good Culture


What changes people's behavior with regard to culture? How does one change or improve their organization's culture? I've noticed a handful of qualities that need to be present in an organization in order for collaboration to thrive. 

1. Clarity

An organization must translate its culture effectively as a set of values and practices it has adopted. I learned a great deal about designing culture from, culture design educator Teresa Brazen. I was fortunate to be able to attend one of her workshops where she provided the idea that values are the things an individual, team or organization agree are important. She defines practices (the other component of culture in Teresa's model) as how an individual, team or organization realize those values.  If we think of an organization as a game we've designed to accomplish something specific, it's important for the team to be following the same rules in order to play effectively with each other.

2. Alignment

Do we have the right people who are passionate about the purpose of the organization?

3. Accessibility

Can a diverse set of people quickly understand & interact with an organization's values and practices between culture discussions?

4. Alive

How responsive a culture is to the changing needs of its members as practitioners.

Katie JohnsonComment